• Ty is a talented musician and gifted teacher. Both of my children have taken lessons from him (on multiple instruments). One of the best qualities in Ty’s teaching style is his ability to bring out the enjoyment and fun that should be a part of music, especially for children who are just beginning to learn an instrument.

    Branden, parent

  • Monique taught my daughter in Pre-K. She is one of the very best teachers I have encountered in the education of my 3 children across several schools. She is bright, compassionate, creative and brilliant. If we could have kept our daughter with her for many years, we absolutely would have done that. I credit her for a great deal of my daughter's ongoing love of learning.

    Patricia, parent

  • It was such a tremendously creative and interesting experience for our son who was very young, 4-5years old, at the time. Ty integrated music education into an appreciation for different instruments, music types and even cultures. He was incredibly accommodating regarding schedule and lesson types. I can unequivocally recommend him as a music instructor.

    Mara, parent

  • I worked with Monique at the same school as a substitute French teacher. Monique also taught my son in her class. Both as a parent and a colleague in education, I can highly recommend Monique as a highly intelligent, effective, and innovative teacher. In fact, it is partly due to observing Monique while helping out as a parent that I sought out a full time career in K-12 teaching.

    Rene, parent & colleague

  • Ty Russell has been my guitar teacher for many years. Ty is a terrific teacher. He is interested in all aspects of music, and his teaching goes well beyond helping me learn how to better play the guitar. My lessons with him have included work on music theory and rhythmic structure, and on different musical styles, as well as on fingering and technique. Ty is open to exploring whatever I am interested in and has a supportive and uncritical style of teaching. He is also a really nice guy and an ethical human being. I highly recommend him as a teacher.

    Mark, student for 15 + years

  • Monique taught my daughter in pre-K and was impressive from the outset. She is smart, creative, passionate and committed. I wish all teachers were like Monique. More children would then love learning.

    Neela, parent

  • Our son started taking lessons with Ty about 5 years ago when he was in 5th grade. Our son had been taking guitar for a few years already, as well as piano, and had recently taken up percussion in the school’s band. His guitar teacher was moving, so upon hearing about Ty through a friend, we seized the opportunity to join with Ty for lessons. It was a perfect fit for our son - with Ty’s extensive musical background involving guitar, percussion, keyboard and vocals, etc. Instead of just taking lessons in one instrument, he was able to foster the development of all of our son’s musical interests and abilities together. Over the past five years, at times they have worked together on multiple instruments and at other times have focused on one instrument or aspect. Ty has worked with him on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum kit, Cajon and other hand drums and some mallet work with xylophone, etc. Ty has exposed our son to multiple styles of playing… including jazz, funk, blues, rock, latin, and folk. His musical knowledge is outstanding and infectious. Ty understands the need of structure for lessons and plans his lessons well. At the same time, he is flexible to the interests and abilities of his students and helps lead the journey together. Ty has an artful ability to instruct and critique in a way that is always safely heard by the students and therefore fosters creativity and enthusiasm instead of fear and frustration. I would highly recommend Ty to anyone interested in expanding their musical knowledge. His extensive background and style make him an ideal instructor for the novice, the experienced or anyone in between.

    Jennifer, parent