• Private Lessons:

    Our private music lessons incorporate the student’s interests and goals into a highly personalized curriculum. In addition to key instrumental techniques and skills, subjects ranging from music theory, songwriting, arranging and production to vocal arts and live performance are woven  into the lessons based on the individual needs and desires of each student. Creativity, collaboration, and fun is always at the heart of each and every lesson.

    TYMO Arts currently offers individualized private music instruction in:

    • Piano & Keyboards
    • Guitar & Bass
    • Drum Kit & Percussion
    • DJ Arts

    Learn more about our commitment, policies, and expectations for private music lessons. 


    Group Classes:

    Our group classes provide a space for students to learn and practice various skills and techniques, to express and share their artistry, and to collaborate with peers on creative projects. Group classes are open to learners of all levels, as instruction is differentiated to meet the individual needs of students. In some cases, versions of group classes may be offered for a special event or team-building activity. We offer group classes in visual and musical arts, including:

    • Percussion Ensemble
    • Drum Circle
    • Community Choir
    • From Song to Studio (songwriting, performing, production and recording)
    • DJ Studio
    • Passport to Global Art
    • Intro to Printmaking
    • A variety of classes focused on the music or art of specific cultures

    Learn more about our commitment, policies, and expectations for group classes. Interested in group classes for your school, homeschool, program or daycare center? Check our options for in-school programming.


    Early Childhood Music Programs

    We offer early childhood music classes for families, schools, and daycares through Music Together, an internationally recognized music program for children from birth to age 7. These classes. In our mixed age classes, children —and their grownups—join together to sing, dance, jam, and play in a supportive, non-performance-oriented environment.